Shifting the focus of the Healthcare Sector to AP

Where in the world is VIJAYAWADA, and how it is doing with Healthcare?

The present capital of the new state of Andhra Pradesh, it had a visionary chief minister who has been replaced by the young and dynamic Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy this year. There has been an emphasis on infrastructure development with transparency here and with the support we have from the government the health care sector of AP has grown very fast with over 10 new cardiac surgery centers coming up in the past 3 years. The widespread availability of social media has helped us reach more people, both local and international.

This same media, which millions use on a daily basis, is creating awareness of health and wellness at unprecedented speeds in hitherto uncharted regions in the region and internationally. Modern medicine has thereby penetrated deep into this state like in several under-developed countries in Asia and Africa. Through increased awareness has come increased the chances of diagnosis and evaluation of heart disease in adults and children. Like in AP, many of these countries have been unable to meet this increased need for detailed evaluation and surgical treatment of new patients so identified. You can read more about this in our next article on the burden of congenital heart disease in the world.
Non-availability of many such treatments has led to the need for people to travel the nearest affordable city for treatment. And this is called medical tourism, or by one of the many synonyms. Coming to one of the many metros in India, people from within India, Bangladesh, Africa and the Middle East find similar socioeconomic, ethno cultural and linguistic regions and are comfortable to visit India for healthcare services and treatment.

Vijayawada, which is centrally located in India, is well connected by road, rail and air within the country and has shot to fame because of its rapid development in many sectors, healthcare being one of them, this is because we have the unique combination of high quality and low costs. Many patients who have taken health insurance, when they cannot find good care in their own country are also looking east to avoid waiting lists and get quality care. Both Indian and foreign insurance companies are also looking at India as an affordable and prospective healthcare destination and are tying up with corporate hospitals which can treat to global standards.

Air travel to and from Vijayawada, is now just a hop away with airlines connecting over 101 destinations. The airport has seen a rapid growth in international traffic that is very efficiently handled by the modern systems in place. Most major currencies are freely traded in the many Nationalized banks and registered currency exchange centers in the Airport and the city.

AP has many top-notch centers for open-heart surgery and especially pediatric heart surgery at Dr. Benedict’s centre at Ramesh Hospitals Vijayawada. The many achievements are very often in the news, from complex heart diseases treatment to latest innovations. All of India’s top clinics are equipped with the latest electronic and medical diagnostic equipment. The cost of all tests and investigations are cheaper here because of the sheer (large ) number of treated patients and efficiency that comes out of necessity. The most frequent travelers to Bangalore come from the region known as MENA: Malta, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Algeria, Qatar, Morocco, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, West Bank and Gaza, Iran and Oman.


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