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Shifting the focus of the Healthcare Sector to AP

Where in the world is VIJAYAWADA, and how it is doing with Healthcare? The present capital of the new state of Andhra Pradesh, it had a visionary chief minister who has been replaced by the young and dynamic Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy this year. There has been an emphasis on infrastructure development with transparency here […]
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New Capital of India in the Healthcare Sector

Bangalore is the not only the Capital of digital media in India, but also health care. Its rapid development in the field of back office management is behind the fancied term “Bangalored” entering the English Dictionary. This same media, which millions use on a daily basis, is creating awareness of health and wellness at unprecedented […]
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Preparations for the Heart Surgery?

One individual’s experience before surgery can be altogether different from another’s yet we follow similar planning for most regular procedures.This is because there are many varieties of heart surgery.Most people start their journey by contacting specialist doctors and get examined (by a cardiologist) who after a precise diagnosis guides them to the cardiac surgeon. The […]
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What are the Types of Cardiac Surgery?

There is more to heart surgery than only open-heart surgery. Open-Heart Surgery: Open-heart surgery is one in which a specialist surgeon opens the chest to reach the heart. In order to To keep the patient alive during the time we are working on the heart, the blood circulation to the body is taken care of […]
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What are the Risks of Heart Surgery?

Open heart surgery in children and what to expect. Despite the fact that its outcomes are frequently amazing, heart surgery has its risks. The events that can affect the patient include: The causes for concern when we take a person for open heart surgery are because untoward events can happen, even when we are very […]
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